Violinist Alexey Vidyakin /links/

Alexey Vidyakin was born in 1977 in the family of worker.
He gratuated musical seholl and art schollin own native fown Kirov,
atter that was enter to the Ekaterinburg conservatory.
Since any time, however, he was became to study in Magnitogorsk town,
where taken his education under control of Than Buy Kong,
who was under Yankelevitch unstructured.
The brilliant victories in the several international competitions,
such as ''Art and education in the XXI st century'' (Greece).

Мои ресурсы
Vladimir Sidorov. Melancholic Suite for violin and piano, in 5 movements. Perfomed A.Vidyakin and Victoria Arkhangelskaya (VIDEOS)
Alexey Litvinov. Suite for a violin from pianoes in 4 parts. Perfomed Alexey Vidyakin and Yulia Chistyakova (MP3)
A. Vidyakin. CD " It's Just Another View " /2003/ (MP3)
Alexey Vidyakin's concert in sanatorium URAL, October, 25, 2004 (PICTURES)
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