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Sarya Malukova - Conductor for the children''s choir in the Magnitogorsk''s State Conservatory. She has taught for over 25 years and tutors children with great passion. She is the founder and the manager for the "The Little Prince" , Theater Of Orphans. S. Malukova and composer V. Sidorov had jointly wrote scores and presented concert programs, such as: "We and song
together", (Magnit publishing 1997), two musical tales; "Scrip''s tale"(1990 and 1998) and "The Little Prince"(2000).

This story of "The Little Prince" became alive in Magnitogorsk: "Once upon a time there was a little prince who lived on a small planet. The planet was not much bigger than him self. He wanted to find a new friend-" Everybody knows these magical words, which carries us to the world of talking foxes, capricious roses and the study of great kindness and mysteries.

Sariya Malyukova is a teacher and conductor of the children-s choir at the Magnitogorsk State Conservatory. She had a dream to perform the tale of ?The Little Prince� with her children-s choir and musical group. Her creativeness is rather experienced
v she has worked 25 years with children, a very unique achievement for a professional teacher such as herself. The audience in Magnitogorsk enjoyed many entertaining evenings from musical tales performed by her talented musical group, such as: "The Song in the Forest", "The Scrip''s Tale" and many more- As a serious play "The Little Prince" is not just a musical
tale, it turned out to be a grand opera. Sariya Malyukova says: "It''s a very kind and deeply wise tale, where everybody will find something unique to relate to. "The Little Prince" is the Koran and the Bible, both for our children and for the adults. For example: My daughter studies this book in the second
grade and she understands every single detail and what it-s all about. As for us adults, well, we understand it in our own way-

The idea to create and perform this opera was born in the autumn of 1999. There was no doubt that the music had to be written by our celebrated composer, Vladimir Sidorov. V. Sidorov and S. Malyukova have been working together for over 10 years, where they shared collaborations in "The Scrip''s Tale" and the concert
program "We And Song are Inseparable". Sariya Malyukova says: "Vladimir Alexandrovich is an astonishing man. He has no false ambitions or arrogance in his character, he just creates". The opera for ?The Little Prince� was written and staged
in an incredible speed of 3 months. There were a lot of problems staging the play, yet all were solved magically- Sariya Malyukova has 2 choir assemblies - junior and senior students. Both work together, where the seniors teach the juniors and the newcomers. The parents also supported this huge project, with great intuitions and applause. The students rehearsed their
roles day and night, by using tape recordings at home. Basically they were living and breathing this tale in and out. Sometimes they came home from the rehearsals at 9 or 12 o''clock at night! Yet still, all of them enjoyed this hard work, without hesitation. The music helped them to be more focused and compassionate in their lives. It''s very interesting, the moment they found fun and excitement in this work, they memorized
it all so easily and so fast! So, there is truth in the fact, that when work becomes fun, things just happen fast and automatic. S. Malyukova says: "The music is composed in the modern rhythms and music styles. Duets, monologues, choir and scenes are all organically connected. The music is natural, and has no essence of hypocrisy". One of the main merits of this opera is that it is composed on the author''s ORIGIONAL TEXT! The language of the tale is beautiful, capacious and musical".

The opening premiere has taken place in the Grand-hall of the Conservatory in May 19, 2000. The performers in the main roles did a wonderful job, with the best of their abilities. One of our soloists from the choir, Julya Karimova, had the honor for the difficult task to play the lead character of ?The Little Prince�. She did an amazing dynamic performance. Her role included a lot of vocal scenes, dialogues, recitatives and
poetic insertions. Julya''s manager has a high opinion of the young girl: "Undoubtedly, she is talented and her voice is ?sound� like a clean spring of fresh water. Besides her qualities, she is a well brought up and a modest girl. It is very pleasant to work with such wonderful and talented children". Dasha Kovalyova played two important roles - the Fox and the Rose. Her character-s expressed the main context, the core of the tale. Dasha has many experiences to claim, she has
been singing for 5 years now...Bravo. Nastya Kozhevnikova performed the additional philosophic role of the Snake...sssss. During his travels on the planets, the Little Prince met the Business Man (Katya Tretyakova), the King (Masha Chelmakina), the
Ambitious Person (Nurzilya Ishberdina). Nurzilya learned her role very quickly and replaced a performer who was sick at the time. On stage, the choir was organically merged with the story line, which ultimately determined the main outline of the opera.
Liya Kinebayeva was the costume designer for the opera, very imaginative. Her costumes are custom designed and uniquely surprising. The choreographic movement of the group truly enriched the entire atmosphere of the opera and added a new brand of unique variety to highlight the meaning and the
purpose of the story. 65 dancers from the School of Ballet and their choreographer Galina Galashenko were invited to take part in this production. The two creative groups worked together and brought ?The Little Prince� a celebrated success.

Eugenia Schevtchenko, "Magnitogorsk news", 6/3/2000.

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