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Интервью Ларисы Богатыревой Яне Денисовой, газета “Голос Магнитогорской молодежи”, 1995).
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Larissa Bogatireva has finished a variety faculty of the Magnitogorsk conservatory.
It is the list of creative works with the composer Vladimir Sidorov:
the musical phantasmagoria "Cynics", lyrical hymns " Song of songs by king Solomon ",
Requiem, more than 100 songs and etc.
- How many I remember myself, I sing so much.
In my family everyone sing: mum, the grandmother, the aunt...
And even my dog the Boor sings. At night. At the moon (laughs).
Our meeting with Vladimir Sidorov was a very important for me.
Now I have the individual repertoire and the artistic image.

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